Yash loves to read and write on issues such as climate change, renewable energy, SDGs, and other related issues.

He wants to make people aware of climate change and encourage them to follow a sustainable lifestyle.

Do you believe in climate change?

Do climate change and rising temperatures bother you?

Do you want to be part of the solution, not the problem?

Do you want to live on earth where there is no plastic in oceans, the air is pure and clean, safe drinking water is available for all, enough food for everyone, and all other things that you can imagine ideal earth should have?

The first step to solve a problem is to understand it completely. After reading the content of this blog, he promises you will be able to understand climate change in a better way. You will find ways that you can accommodate in your life to be more sustainable. You will be able to give back to mother earth and play your part to protect it in a however small way you could, as every small step matters.

Yash’s concern over the issue of climate change started when he left his home to attend college in New Delhi, which is one of the most polluted cities in the world. He faced many health issues that he has never been through in my life. Then he realized it is all because of the environment of Delhi, so he started reading more about Environmental Pollution. Eventually, he thought why not make people more aware of these issues and that is the reason why he started this blog. There is still time and yes we all can do it because together we can.    

He also won the second prize in the online article writing competition on environment issues for college students – Green Vision conducted by EnvEcologic – Spearheading Sustainable Growth

https://envecologic.com/greenvision-colleges/ – Link to the EnvEcologic Website, here you can read the article. 

Altering Climate Author - Yash Yadav